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    How much ram will xp home edition support. I know windows me and other windows versions had problems with anything over 512 meg. How about xp?
  2. i dont knwo how much it supprts, but there is a prog in the download section that fixes problems and helps support mroe then 512mb ram, im pretty sure there is, i was looking through the download section yesterday.
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    98 & me should be able to use over 512MB ram, most likely the limiter is your hardware. Your motherboard will have 2, 3 or 4 SDRAM slots, and each slot will be able to address a maximum of 128, 256, 512 or 1024 Megs, as it stands right now. That varies greatly between motherboards, but to answer your question, XP can address 4GB or RAM, if I remember reading that correctly.
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    Yeah, XP has no problem with Memory over 512. When i was running ME i had to tweak the system.ini vcache settings with the following:


    You can read about vcache limitations in windows 95, 98 and ME here:

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    all that 9x shit maxes at 512
    nethin over that u gotta use least 2k
    and ur okay, well i no ppl who have a gb of ram in xp, u dont need that much unless ur gonna do video shit
    256mb is fine
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    Oh come on, do you really need more than 512mb? :rolleyes: