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  1. nevs

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    ok i have 256mb of ram on my pc , my mothernaord is a kt 133 7ea made by qdi, i think it has 3 slots.

    is it true u need to add ram in pairs. or can i add one 64 mb stick onto my exsting 256?
  2. wyrlwyn

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    you cn add any amount to and of the slots, a 64, 256, and what ever in teh last one. you can even have 256 in the first, none in the second, and 64 in teh third, or any way you want. with motherboards these days, it will do all the other stuff for you, you can put whatever you want whereever you want.
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    If it's PC133, the stuff is almost dirt cheap now....256 is 49.49 at Crucial that makes 512....and it's quality RAM.
  4. Goatman

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    You really only need to add RD RAM in pairs, and that'd not even true in all cases
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    Better read the manual of the motherboard to make sure. Download it if you don't have one.
  6. xsk8zerox

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    Theres banks and slots.. if you have slots you have to add them in pairs they are a bank that can hold 2+ sticks and if this is the case you have to fill them.