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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by duked, Feb 4, 2006.

  1. duked

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    just to make sure:

    if i put 2x1gb sticks of ram as well as 2x256mb will it work at optimal speed? or will it just work @ 512?

    currently have 1 x 1gb ram and 2x256 in my computer and i know my mobo doesn't support that config...so is it just working at 512 now? and if so that means i should just pop out those 256's and leave the 1gb?
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    ok let me see I understand your question.

    You have installed a total of 1.5GB of ram, however your system only sees the 2 256MB sticks? and the max it sees is 512MB?

    Do you know what the max size of a stick it will support in each slot?

    What is the motherboard manufacturer? Also is it a AMD or Intel system?

    However based on what is said I would pull the 1GB stick and store until you get a new system or something
  3. duked

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    The mobo is an ASRock 939 Dual SATA2, it has 2 dual channel slots (i hope i said that right) so there's 4 slots in total, 1 pair is black and the other blue. The motherboard holds a max of 4gb

    my question was is my current setup (the 1.5gb) only really working at 512? because I know this mobo doesn't recognize 1 or 3 installed rams to work at dual speed
  4. LeeJend

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    The manual for the MB says the 4 sticks have to be all the same size and type. The Asrock uLI chipset seems more finicky about this than nvidia chipsets.
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    New motherboards only support RAM is paired configurations, as LeeJend pointed out.