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Discussion in 'Macintosh' started by Scooter, Sep 25, 2004.

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    Now. Apparently Mac G4's can take up to 1gig of RAM maximum. Me wonders what would happen if... you went over that to say... about 2 gigs of RAM ....???

    I've never actually done that on any of my Macs - so what would happen? I've looked up info on different sites, but as expected there was little common ground other than "you're mac won't work" ....

    ... so what would happen? :) :confused:
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    I don't know squat about mac, but two things, first, since it's a propriatory machine, I doubt the motherboard can support more memory then the os's maximum...second, even if the motherboard could support it, I'm guessing the os just wouldn't see the extra memory

    this is true of xp up to the server versions...it's a licensing restriction, not an operating restriction, but if you install more then 4 gigs in an xp machine that's not a server version, the os just doesn't see it
  3. sean.ferguson

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    im going to replace the 512MB SODIMM in my iBook with a 1GB SODIMM topping it up to 1.128Gb :p
    Apples 'supported' maximum memory is only 640 on this model but i know of many people who have managed the 1.128Gb maximum.

    Best thing to do Scott wouls be to ask on >>here<< best place for an answer.
  4. X-Istence

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    I doubt it to be a problem.
  5. Reg

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    Apple's hardware limitations are usually firmware based and not "limitations." For example, on my iMac, the drive is a Pioneer A06 DVD+/- drive. However, Apple limits it to just "-" via firmware. All I had to do was install the original firmware and I can now burn both + and - DVDs. The same applies to the logic board and the RAM. Simply reflash the LOGIC board with software that will support more than 1GB ram and you can do it. I have tried this with a newer PowerMac G4 and have taken it to 2GB without any problems. OS X can read the RAM just fine.