RalliSport Challenge

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by VeXPeep, Mar 14, 2003.

  1. VeXPeep

    VeXPeep Guest

    The movies in this game play choppy. The game itself it plays quite well. For some reason no matter what I have tried I cannot get the intro movies and menu movies (in the background) to play smoothly.

    I run a GeForce TI4600 with 128m DDR, XP 3000+ processor, 1 GIG of 333DDR ram, and Windows XP (on a fairly fresh install).

    I have tried everything that I can think of...any ideas?

  2. XP Abuser

    XP Abuser Guest

    and make sure video settings arent set too high:cool:
  3. VeXPeep

    VeXPeep Guest

    Did that. Even tried moving it to another drive. It seems to be .BIK files that I am having trouble with. They play fine outside the game, just not in it. HRM!!!
  4. VeXPeep

    VeXPeep Guest

    Problem solved. My mobo is an ABIT AT7 Max2 with a bios setting called ENHANCE AGP PERFORMANCE. This setting had to be turned OFF. Now in-game movies play smooth as buttah..