rail fusion and psu problem

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by nod32, Jan 26, 2008.

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    I put together a new system and the first time i powered it on, I noticed the rail fusion light went on on the back of the psu. I found this kind of wierd becuase it shouldn't be using that much power (the psu has 4 12v rails that are supposed to work at 20amps each. When the load is too high for one rail they "fuse" together to provide more power):
    gigabyte ds3l
    mushkin hp-580
    mushkin ddr2 800 2x1gb
    3850 256
    1 optical drive

    I turned it off and left if for a while, and when i came to turn it on again the light in the psu flashed and the case fans, gpu fan and cpu fan spun. The lights on the case just flashed and the power and reset buttons didnt work. Whenever i turn it on this just happens and the monitor doesnt get a signal

  2. nod32

    nod32 OSNN Addict

    just to update: i posted at the mushkin forum and after some troubleshooting i went to replug some of the cables. Turns out the 12v motherboard cable wasnt connecting right so after i plugged it in it booted up fine. Somehow the rail fusion thing turned off too so everythings good now