Raid fdisk/format problem weird!!

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by pyros88legend, Feb 14, 2003.

  1. I'm haveing some trouble trying to get my computer back in order.any help would be greatly appriated as im going insane.

    first I was running 2, 40 G IBM drives in stripe mode. and then some horrible things happend and i had to format. After formating some more horrible things happened. here is where i am now. after getting the correct bios version and a new chip MSI sent me my onboard RAID is ok. i have win 98 and a non-bootable XP. i would prefer to put on XP if i could.

    Right now everything appears to be ok in the RAID controller, but i cannot format my hardrive (80 gigs striped). It will say formating a 10 g and then fail. I have the newest FDISK. but im guessing it is because FAT32 dosnt go that big. so i want to go all NTFS now or anything to get this working.

    there is nothing on the hardrives right now. how would i go about useing some sort of boot disc to put on NTFS and then setup the XPcd in dos????. or could i partition a whole bunch of FAT32's? and install windows 98 and then upgrade to Xp. and convert over to NTFS ??. what is the largest size i can go in dos with a Win98 boot disc. or i have a ultimate boot disk that has alot of cool things on it.
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    You can download a file from MS that will create a 6 floppy disk boot up set.
  3. awsome thanks alot Gus, this has been driving me insane.