Radeon AIW 8500 and AIW 9700

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by silky62678, Apr 28, 2003.

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    How big of a difference is there in the Radeon AIW 8500 and AIW 9700 as far as visional goes, and proformance ?
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    Between Austin and Tampa
    quite large in terms of performance... :)

    in gaming performance the 9700 AIW performs as well as the 9700pro video card... quite well :)

    the AIW features are beefed up in the 9700 version... namely picture in picture and also better encoding...

    here is the spec sheet from ati on both products

    AIW 9700 = http://mirror.ati.com/products/pc/aiw9700pro/index.html

    AIW 8500 = http://mirror.ati.com/products/pc/aiwradeon8500dv/index.html

    btw... the new encoding tech used on the 9700 actually gives better image quality for recorded products as well as cleaning up the image a little (compared to 8500DV's) when displaying tv output on monitors :)