Radeon 9700pro or Radeon 9800?

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by _DM_, Mar 15, 2003.

  1. _DM_

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    Man i cant wait any longer to get a new video card cause i'm been suffering with this geforce 2 MX400. Should I wait for the Radeon 9800 or get a Radeon 9700pro tomorow? cause i got the money alrdy.
  2. Yngwie_II

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    Wait a little longer and buy the 9800 pro. Believe me, you'll thank
    yourself. I've been in the same kind of situation. Just have
    a bit more patience, i know it's long, but if you have been with
    that ****ty card so long, why not stay with it a little longer.
    I am aware that there are patches now available to get
    9700 perfomance tricks by using 9800 drivers, but it's not
    quite the same, go for the 9800 pro man. You'll love it, and
    you will be sure to live another couple of years without upgrading.


    Yngwie II
  3. dubstar

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    wait for 9800 to come out, and dish out the extra cash if you think its that much better, if not, you just saved yourself some cash buying the (which will be cheaper) 9700
  4. ruiner_066

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    when is the 9800 coming out anyway?
  5. _DM_

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    next month
  6. XP Abuser

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    anyone knows when it releases in da UK im doin a spring build of a super computer. muhahaha:)
  7. Sazar

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    if you wait for the cat 3.3's you will get the same performance increases in a WHQL driver set...

    ati is not all that happy with the gentleman who is putting together the 'patches' and are not going to be too happy with peopel claiming problems coz their cards are buggered... :)

    be patient... wait for a couple of weeks or so to see when the new cat's are released and be happy...

    the performance delta from a 9700pro-9800 should not be as great as that to a 9800pro...

    even then if you have a 9700pro already there is no real point to upgrade to a 9800pro... logically...

    just look @ the price points when it goes retail before you buy and you will be in a better position overall...