Radeon 9600XT Issue - Screen Goes Blank!

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by hjr2000, Aug 12, 2005.

  1. hjr2000

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    I have bought and fitted a Connect 3D 9600XT 256MB card. AGP version.
    The problem is am getting is with 3D graphics. For example I open the Catalyst Control centre and click on the 3D tab. The animation of the car starts and then within 1 second the screen goes blank. I believe it is in fact not receiving a signal anymore. Or, when I start Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and start the game the same thing happens.

    I have followed to installation path to the letter (rebooting after each step):
    Remove old (Nvidia GeForce 3 ti 200) driver
    Upgrade AGP software (NForce2 using Nvidia's latest all in one upgrade executable)
    Install driver from CD
    The problem mentioned happened in this situation.

    I then downloaded the latest Radeon driver from ATI and had the same problem.

    My PC configuration is as below :
    Windows XP SP2
    AMD 2800+ CPU
    Asus A78NX 2.0 Deluxe Motherboard, BIOS version 1007.
    512MB RAM
    LG1710B TFT 17" Monitor
    Netgear 512 network card

    If anyone can advise me as to what the problem is I would be very grateful. If the issue is not resolved I will have to return the card which I would prefer to not have to do.
    Many thanks
    Haden :)
  2. Luna

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    Perhaps give the latest ATI drivers a try first instead of the ones included on the CD (which are probably fairly old).

    Could also be a hardware issue but it's hard to say.
  3. hjr2000

    hjr2000 Haden_UK

    London UK
    Hi - I have already installed the latest ATI drivers from the ATI website. It didnt work with the ones that came on the CD or the latest versions. :cry:
  4. Taggert_LOA

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    do you have the latest directX? maybe that is the issue?
    have you tried any other games and got the same result or is it only GTA?
  5. LeeJend

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    Uninstall the new card in system mangler
    Run drivercleaner (free download) making sure not to delet the nvidia MB drivers
    Then reboot and reinstall the card.

    Also check to see if the card needs an extra power connector plugged directly into the video card. I don't think the 9600 requires one, but check anyway.

    If that doesn't work and you can try it in another machine. If it doesn't work in another machine or if you don't have access to one then it's RMA time. :(
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