Radeon 8500 problem

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by JuJuPunk, Mar 29, 2002.

  1. JuJuPunk

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    hi I just installed XP and i have a radeon 8500. I was running at 1024x768 and everything was all choppy. so i got the new drivers for XP and everything was smoothe, but now when i try to run at 1024x768 it doesn't fit on the screen. plz help

  2. wildman69

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    This may be the refresh issue with Radeon cards.
    Download 'RefreshFix 097b' from Rage3d.com and set the desired refresh rates using that. Once you reboot, your games should run fine.
    I had that problem too, 'cause the Radeon defaults to 60hz in games, regardless of Desktop settings :( On a large screen monitor the picture will not fill the whole screen at just 60hz.
    Hope this helps :)
  3. JuJuPunk

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    its not my games, they run in any res i want, its just my desktop, but ill try that thing too

    *edit* i just went to that site and i cant find that fix...if u can get on AIM thatd b great...my sn is CrackerKris
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    Can you adjust the screen size on your monitor? You know, the width, etc (little buttons on the front of the monitor). Maybe I'm not understanding the problem.
  5. Howling Wolf

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    I agree with Xsivforce. You should be able to simply resize your desktop to fit your screen.
    I had the refresh rate problem when I used to have my Rage128ProViVo, but as soon as I installed my brand new RADEON 7500, and latest drivers, the problem disappeared, believe me ! And I'm happy with it right now !
  6. JuJuPunk

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    this is what it looks like

    and if i move my mouse the screen moves.
    i tried resiziving my monitor and it didnt work.
    i have a compaq mv540 if thats n e help =/
  7. Howling Wolf

    Howling Wolf We did not deserve this !

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    Sorry, we cannot see your pic ...?

    Do you have the video settings option (sorry I'm French) "stretch Windows Desktop to fit the monitor" enabled ?

    See this pic (sorry, French again...) if you don't catch what I refer to:
  8. RobbieSan

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    This could a problem with remnants of old drivers interfering.. try to remove the ATI drivers completely via the following forum link instructions:


    Also check for other old drivers from other cards with the registry program. YOu may also want to reboot in safe mode and check device manager to see if any inactive video d5rivers are present.

    After all that reboot and install V6043 or 6052 driver for Radeon 8500 XP: http://www.rage3d.com/

    Hopefully this may help solve this problem for you. I decided to a fresh XP install when I got my 8500 after the G2 MX400. Works great.