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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Heineken Man, Jul 27, 2002.

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    Hey guys I am looking into buying some rack mount cases. As my PC collection grows so does the clutter of cases all over the floor. Anyway the question I have is, on all the cases I have seen "none" of them state that they are equiped for AGP slot motherboards. I would hate to order one and not be able to have an AGP card then pay the restock fee and shipping charges. Do any of you use Rack mounts and if so please ease my mind by telling me that you can use a AGP slot on the MB. Oh and by the way I am looking at 4U I know that 2U doesnt support them.

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  2. any atx case, rackmounted included with normal slots on the back (3u and above) an agp card will fit inthe first slot. if 2U or less then you need a motherboard with built in video or a riser card (agp risers are rare)
    4u cases (each u= 1 3/4" in height, for the layman) are the cheapest anyway.