QuickCam Pro3000 with XP

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by flrancid, Jul 20, 2002.

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    Okay , here it goes:

    Before i had windows XP i had windows ME, and i had the quickcam express. it worked great!! no problem at all. so then, formatted and put on windows XP professional.. i installed the express XP drivers and software and all my drivers for everything was updated but it wouldnt work!.. i opened up the software, and i had about 3 seconds of it working, then it frozE!! and then the whole software froze!! and i had to end the task..

    Now i decided to get QuickCam Pro3000 ( thanks to people at this forum and their advice for other people ). Its a great camera, and i was happy!. so i install latest drivers, and software.. and it was working!! for about 30 seconds!! and then it FROZE AGAIN!!! so i reboot, open it up again, and it was working again .. till i clicked advanced options.. and the program and video FROZE... i keep having this freezing problem!!

    So, i thought i was having usb issues.. so i installed the latest 4in1 drivers for my VIA chipset... and it didnt fix anything :(

    i would greatly appreciate it if someone could help me !! thanks!
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    the year 2525
    Make sure it's recognised as a WDM Camera and not a VDM.. or otherway round, one should stop it freezing. & if it has camera memory, have you formatted the memory card :rolleyes:
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    try and uncheck the check box on the Usb settings in system config where all your system devices are located , right click my computer then got hardware and then goto the usb controler and there will be a box that says never allow this devide to shut down,
    i have the same cam as u and i have not come acros this problem b4.

    hope that helps.