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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Bubbabyte, Jan 7, 2002.

  1. Bubbabyte

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    I know this has nothing to do with XP, like the topic says it's General Chatter. I want to know if anyone knows if there is a message board or something of that matter which people can exchange ftp address'. I have an ftp server with alot of stuff on it that i would like to share, but i want to know where i can find people that also like to share. I know that this site is Anti-Warez, and with all the BS that's going down now, who can blame you, i think it's great. I am a big supporter of this website, so i am not asking for warez address' or anything of that nature. Just a meeting place where people can exchange ftp info.

  2. Lonman

    Lonman Bleh!

    This first one here has a 'submit your ftp' link right at the top of the page.

    I didn't notice one here, but there may be more information there that I didn't take the time to look for.

    These sites will probably offer up other ftp links too.
  3. noah472

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    Why do ftp index sites always have a link to replica oakleys???? Is it because if you cant steel it :) then get a replica? lol
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    I used to hang out another forum, that shall remain nameless, cough... iexbeta, cough..., before they really started to suck... And I don't mean that in the good sense of the word :D...

    I opened my ftp then and my ftp is open for browsing now, even though I got "rid" of a lot of stuff from a link on my site...

    Listen to my experience on this... Opening up your ftp is going to be a real hassle... It's very nice you want to share but... There are people who will enter your ftp dl what they want and they delete EVERYTHING... If your ftp is on your home computer then you will lose ALL your bandwidth to browse the net... It also opens you up for attacks... Even now my ftp still gets unrefered hits with people trying to attack it by, I'm assuming, looking for unix "folders"... And trying to upload restricted files...

    If you really want to share still upload them someplace...

    Then send me the link ;)...
  5. pc_tek

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    i actually agree with MiseryQ on this. Even if you try to keep it in control, poeple are going to try to poke and pry where they have no business. I thought about doing it when my DSL is up, but have since changed my mind.

    ok, call me greedy, but im all for the taking....LOL ..thanks lonman!
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    thanks for all the replies guys......and misery...i totally agree with you on what you were saying....but i don't want to share my ftp with everyone i meet.....i just want to find a couple of people that want to exchange info, cause i dont really have any connections so to speak for music or otherwise....but i do have alot of stuff on my server that i have collected and i just wnat to find people that i can trade with. Not everyone :)
    but i apprecaite your advice Misery

    so if anyone would like to trade info just Pm me
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    The Internet insn't as fun as it used to be!
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    Check out my site to see one way to share your ftp... You can set the limits to just list so they can't dl... Have them contact you to get a password or even, gasp set ratios...

    And don't give anyone any delete rights!!!

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