Quick notes program in taskbar?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by PlagueWielder, May 20, 2003.

  1. Hey

    Is there a program that sits in the taskbar by the clock that can save quick notes like the one in active desktop? I want to be able to click on it and it would open a small window with the notes I write.

  2. bheagle

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    just a suggestion, but use the quicklaunch bar and put notepad on it, just a click and an empty notepad opens up to note take away.....
  3. sboulema

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    so simple but o so good :p
  4. I already have that.

    Im looking for a little program that when I click on it open a small window (like the one that NAV opens with the OK button when its done updating).
  5. Un4gIvEn1

    Un4gIvEn1 Moderator

    Yeah... Microsoft OneNote. But it's BETA. I have the BETA kit and I think the program itself is useless, but I guess someone might find a use for it.