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  1. I upgraded my system from ME to XP Pro a few months ago. I seem to get problem after problem and I'm sick of it. Can someone please tell me what is the best way of going about reformatting and reinstalling XP. I have another computer networked so backing up shit wont be a problem. I have read articles explaining how upgrades from ME to XP can cause havoc. It'll be a bitch downloading all the Windows Updates again on my shitty 56k modem.

    Is it really worth the reformat?

    Any help would be great, cheers.
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    Without a doubt. Check out this thread for a starting point of what YOU have to do:

    Like I said, 'starting point.' Don't be shy about asking questions about this stuff. All I ask is that you do your homework and ask educated questions - after all, you're the one that has to do the work.

    Here's a good article on formatting and partitioning your drive:;EN-US;q255867
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    Yes, it is worth the format. I formatted 3 times already just for the hell of it. You gotta have a Windows startup disk (it doesn't have to be an XP one). Just format, and then after booting from the floppy, put your old Windows CD in the drive and install that. What I am curious about is why you had so many problems. Usually, most can be fixed by downloading new drivers for your hardware. XP works fine after upgrading on my computer, but I had to download drivers for my printer, sound card, video card, an upgrade for Easy CD Creator... you get the idea. Also, I had to buy Easy CD Creator 5 Platinum, because my old version 4 didn't support Windpows XP. I would reformat even if you install XP again. But if you do decide to install XP after formatting, I would strongly reccomend going into the dos prompt in XP and typing "CONVERT C: /FS:NTFS /X" without the quotes. When you are told that you cannot do this, say yes when it asks you if you want it to do this the next time it boots. Then restart the computer, and it will convert and start Windows, and you will be all set. Only do the above in Windows XP; it will not work in ME.
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    Life's a bitch and then you die.
  5. I did it

    Just one problem, the only icon that appears on my desktop is the Recycling Bin. Also, I no longer have a login screen with the other users and pictures. I didn't use the NTFS file system because I wasn't sure whether on not I would be able to use files from my other networked FAT32 computer. Are there any real benefits from using a NTFS file system and can I still convert and have no problems with my other computer? Thanks for the great help so far guys.:p
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    Ok, do you know how to fix the icons on the desktop? First, right-click the desktop, and go to "Properties". Then click the "Desktop" tab and click "Customize Desktop...". This is where you enable all the desktop icons.