Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by gendr4, May 2, 2003.

  1. gendr4

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    everytime turn on my pc, there is some program attempting to access the internet. it pulls up "my connection" and attempts to dial out, when i cancell it, it asks for me to choose a connection and says that "you ( or some program) is attempting to access" and i finally found that the only program tied to it was winservn.exe. does anyone know of that program having any relavance to the system? (i use xp pro)

    btw, what ever program is really at fault is causing me to get about 2 popups a minute. even if i am only connected to the net with all my firewalls on and no sites open or programs that access the net.
  2. jumpy

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    Been trying to remove p0rn lately? ;)

    EDIT: BTW, this link gives info about the program. Doesn't do anything malicious to your computer :)
  3. jungle_jim

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    lol yeah. that happened to a mate of mine due to his looking at porn sites. somehow he managed to install an auto dialler type thing which tried to disconnect his legit connection and redial using itself. of course it charged a ****load.
    serves him right really :D