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    Hi ALL

    As some of You are aware Iam experiencing a few problems (Thanks for the responses so far) However it has occured to Me that I may of thrown You of the help trail by stating in an earlier post that I had downloaded certain drivers,Problem being that I do not Know weather they were the correct drivers, if I installed them correctly or how to check that they were both the correct drivers and installed correctly.Further to this does anyone know how I can check if I have all the updated drivers that I need for My system.

    Thanks again!
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    Lonman Bleh!

    I just did a search of all your posts to date to see what's up. I see you're new to computing and I'll offer you my best advise... do a clean installation. You'll likely fiddle with the problems you're having endlessly until you do. Upgrading is not a real option to achieving a trouble free system. I know it seems daunting, but your learning curve will take a huge leap if you do the following:

    1) make sure you have the very newest bios update for your motherboard flashed in;

    2) look for firmware updates for cdroms and cdrws;

    3) make sure you have several copies of dependable boot floppies that have the utilities you want to use (a Win98 boot disk is my personal fav);

    4) backup all the data on your computer you don't want to lose (email messages, pictures, etc);

    5) format and partition your hard drive (using either 'fdisk' or the drives setup utility disk - keeping in mind that formatting wipes a drive clean);

    6) enter your bios and set it to boot to your XP installation CD (if it's an upgrade version then you'll need your ME installation disk available to 'show' XP's setup);

    7) sit there and answer all those setup questions;

    8) if you have fairly new hardware - enjoy your 'new' computer.

    My advise is to study up on how to accomplish these tasks and take the plunge. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised if you do.

    disclaimer: you SEEM intelligent so if you botch something and end up with a huge paperweight... I didn't do it. :p