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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by bhxtyrant, Oct 14, 2002.

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    well im on my way to building the PC i talked about in another thread but i need to ask something.the mobo im going to use is a gigabyte ga-7vaxp VIA KT400+8235 chipset now i know its compatible with DDR ram but today i happened to be going through my spare PC parts and found a stick of 256MB PC133 Sdram so the question is can i install it on that mobo along with two 512 MB DDR ram?i know the mobo can take up to 3 gigs of ram but im am unsure if i can install ram that isnt DDR
  2. No. SDRam has 168 pins and special keying. DDRam has 184 pins and different special keying.
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    thanks for the info looks like ill add that 256 to the currect 448 in my duron PC
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    yup.. its not compatible...

    some mobos allow you to install both kinds of memory... sdram and ddr sdram... BUT you can't use em at the same time...