Quantum Fireball harddrive problem

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Kryptonic, Jan 13, 2002.

  1. Kryptonic

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    Just recently, i have been having problems with my Quantum Fireball lct20 HDD. Every now and again, during boot-up (just before winxp loads) i get this error:

    Disk Read Error (alt+ctrl+del to restart)

    after restarting the drive seems to be working ok...

    I downloaded a program called PowerDiag from the Maxtor website that tests the harddrive, all tests on the HDD passed, so what could the problem be... just before this staring happending i did the following to the PC

    - Bought a GF3 ti200
    - Overclocked the 1.2ghz -> 1.3ghz
    - reinstalled Windows XP

    any ideas y im getting this error???


  2. Qumahlin

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    Personally I think those HD diagnose programs are BS...they can detect problems a few times but not most...I had a WD 40gb less then a week old go completely fail...but everytime I ran harddrive test programs they said fine...and every bootup as the drive was failing my SMART monitor still told me it was fine...dumb SMART monitor :p

    I know a few people having that problem though where the drive doesn't seem to spin up and you get a disk read error, or you just get a solid black screen...do you hear the driving spinning up? if so and you still get read errors you might want to look into getting a new drive
  3. Kryptonic

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    no, i just get an error as it is about to boot. strange thing is, it doesnt always happen, only occasionaly, but it normally happens when the PC is turn on in the morning or when i get from work....
  4. nick1gbr

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    i had this error with my maxtor drive i had to do a low level format and it solved the problem, my error kept getting more frequent until windows wouldnt boot..

  5. Kryptonic

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    yey! it seems like the Low Level Format has worked, i dont know why or who, but touch wood, everything is working ok now. thx for the advise...