Quake2 Problems

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by omegaucv, Apr 21, 2002.

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    I'm hacing problems running q2 online and regular game. First off this ismy pc specs.

    P3 750
    over 300sdram
    matrox video card
    sb live soundcard.
    all winxp updates
    latest drivers are installed

    I have no problems playing the game on win98se. Soon as i updated (fresh install of winxppro) the game is all crappy. The mouse moves slow like somthing is holding it back. The graphics are alright but are choppy movements as i walk and shoot. Some of the game options dont work like always run, show cross-are even though they are selected ON. Please let me know what is causing this. Everything is fine in windows it's when i want to play a game it's all messed.

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    Hmm Quake 2 man I clocked many hours on that beauty. Ok do you have the latest drivers..3.19 I think. Maybe you can also try running it in Compatibility mode by finding the [.exe] in the quake folder and right clicking and selecting Win 98 as the choice.
    Let me know...:)
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    ok compatibility mode works fine but somthings still arent loading like the aimer. the graphics arent choppy anymore.