Quake2 & obstinate Mission packs

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by wreckoning, Oct 14, 2006.

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    I am behind the 8-ball. I like Quake & Quake 2.
    I have just acquired the Quake2 Mission packs;The Reckoning and Ground Zero, but cannot install them.
    I have Winquake ;patch-runs well.
    Quake2 - but now can't play saved games (??)

    I have visited Activision site to find solution, but 'manual installation' seems more like manual labor with no future.
    HELP ME- How can I install add-ons?

    WinXP/Athalon 2800/32 bit/ 1024Gb memory /Radeon 700X (256k mem)/ On board sound / thumbs in ass

    The manual install instructions say to copy files to Quake2, but the 'Reckoning'
    and 'Ground Zero' installs freeze and I send (yet another) error report.
    Do any 'error report' get resolved????