Quake 3 Lan Game Setup

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by DragonHeart, Jan 16, 2002.

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    Hi PPL :)

    Hope someone out thier can help im running 2 pc's both networked via a hub with a cable modem and both share internet access from this and they talk to eachother fine and share files etc on both Windows Xp Pro Machines but i cant seem for the life of me get them to play multiplayer games together such as quake 3 etc :(

    Hope someone out thier has any ideas :) or a site addy with step by step instructions :)

    Thx for ur time reading this
  2. jonifen

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    are the machines using static IP addressing? If so, create a multiplayer game on the faster computer (less chance of lag while playing) and when the game has loaded and you're waiting for other people to join, go to the 2nd computer and type in at console "/connect" (if is the server of course :))

    good luck!!