QoS Does NOT Slow Bandwidth

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Infinity7, Mar 2, 2002.

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    At the Microsoft website in the Knowledge Base in article Q316666 they say the following about the QoS packet scheduler:

    Correcting Some Incorrect Claims About Windows XP QoS Support

    There have been claims in various published technical articles and newsgroup postings that Windows XP always reserves 20 percent of the available bandwidth for QoS. These claims are incorrect. The information in the "Clarification about QoS in End Computers That Are Running Windows XP" section of this article correctly describes the behavior of Windows XP systems.

    Clarification about QoS in End Computers That Are Running Windows XP

    As in Windows 2000, programs can leverage QoS through the QoS application programming interfaces (APIs) in Windows XP. One hundred percent of the network bandwidth is available to be shared by all programs unless a program specifically requests priority bandwidth. This "reserved" bandwidth is still available to other programs unless the requesting program is sending data. By default, programs can reserve up to an aggregate bandwidth of 20 percent of the underlying link speed on each interface on an end computer. If the program that reserved the bandwidth is not sending enough data to utilize it completely, the unused portion of the reserved bandwidth is available for other data flows on the same host.

    I guess that special tweak that "only XP Pro users can do" is not really doing anything at all.

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    Well, your post is a fact, qos will not slow most people down, BUT, home xp CAN shut it down if they want to through services