q3a and ut probz

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by XPro-TaNK, Jun 3, 2002.

  1. XPro-TaNK

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    i have two problems with my games:

    1. when i install quake 3 with 1.31 patch it says something "NULL" and wont load.

    2. when i had unreal tourney on my win98 cpu it ran smooth as silk now under xp i takes 3-4 mins to load and is choppy even under safe mode.

    please respond asap thx.
  2. Qumahlin

    Qumahlin Moderator

    We'd need alot more info, like what resolutions, does a default install of quake work, what are your system specs did you do a clean install of xp, etc.
  3. XPro-TaNK

    XPro-TaNK Guest

    1. System Specs
    Compaq Presario 7598 P3 600mhz
    40gig HD
    128mb ram
    Intel 810 Default Graphics Card
    Cdrom reader (compaq) and cd burner (???)
    ESS Allegro PCI Sound Card
    PCTEL Platium V.92 Modem
    Windows XP Pro (upgraded from win98)

    2. yes the q3a v1.1 worked fine.

    3. im running a 640x480 (i think that right or simular to that) on q3 because the intel 810 card runs choppy on anything higher than 640x480.

    4. i first installed q3 without updating the drivers and such and it came up the "would you like to report this to microsoft box" and would not load. then i went to windows update and did upgrading and when i got to loading the console box at the bottom it said something "NULL" and wont load.

    5. the Unreal Tourney problem is the plays to slow even in safe mode and it dont understand that beause it ran so smoothly in win98 and now runs like it running though molasses.