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  1. Hi, i'm fom Australia and i've got a problem with any game that is related to the Q3 engine.

    firstly: i have wolfenstein q3 & jk2, and yes they are all retail :p
    i have winXP pro corp, and my system is powerful enough to run these games.

    They all seem to have the same problem funny that since they are all based on the same engine.

    When i try to play run a multiplayer game, it will enter the game then one of those error report windows will pop-up then the game will freeze and not respond. This happens with all the games.

    When i try and play single player with wolfenstein it says it could not find the default.cfg and stops the loading at the preloader console. By looking at the console you can see that the search path is incorrect.

    [[i have two partitions D: and C: the search path for single player is in C: somewhere so if i install it on the C: drive single player works but multiplayer doesnt work at all]]

    With or without a patch it doesn't make a difference multiplayer doesn't work. Please help two new games and i can't play :(

    correction single player doesnt work either. it loads the first bar then the arrow to load the mission briefing movie comes up but crashes shortly after i press on it.
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    You didnt tell us your system Specs

    Have you upgraded to the latest Drivers for your graphics card and other hardware ?

    What graphics card are you running ?