Putting digital photos on a CD for a home DVD to play

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Comptech, May 20, 2003.

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    Does anyone know a good program for putting stills on a CD so I can have a slide show that plays on a home DVD player? I looked in Nero, but cannot figure it out,it seems to want a video format to make one. Movie Maker2 makes a wmp that womt play in a normal DVD. Thanks in advance, Comptech.
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    Quite a few new DVD players can show .jpg's. That way your burn process is simple, as long as you have one of these DVD players. Otherwise, you'll have to convert the data to a VCD somehow (Most DVD players can read VCD)
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    Either read or download the tutorial on THIS PAGE it shows you in graphic detail what to do if you want to create a slideshow in nero...with the aid of lots of screen grabs.

    I hope it does what you want.
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    Great info Bony Tony, worked like a charm, thanks again.
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    Thanks Guy's, will try Boney Tony's solution first, if not I will try one of the other programs. Here goes nothing!