Pulling my hair out,D-Link 300T

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Oni, Jun 4, 2005.

  1. Oni

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    :squareeye Hi and thanks for reading :)

    The prob i have is that the Local area connection keeps droping the connection and i have to keep using the repair button, the d-link is staying connected at 4mb so i dont think it is it :rolleyes:
    Im using winxp sp2 home, i get error message's that an address cant be asigned to the computer and that the DNS cache cant be cleared, any ideas

    thanks for any help

  2. LeeJend

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    I did a web search and found multiple complaints about the Dlink locking up. The only solution was from someone who had tech support tell him to set it up as just a modem and then use an external router. Lame idea of support but it gave the guy the functions he needed.


    Looking at the links I found if it's still in warantee consider exchanging it for another one, or another brand/model.
  3. jimi_81

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    my dlink 624 wireless drops sporadically. ive messed around with firmware upgrades, it has seemed to help. try firmware updating perhaps.
  4. Admiral Michael

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    I have a DLINK DI-524+ which I loathe, the wireless hardy works, luckily I have 2 other Linksys routers that I use. Im selling it to a friend (who works at DLINK)

    I hate DLINK, I love Linksys.
  5. kcnychief

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    I love Linksys too, I even have Linksys sheets and pillowcases :nervous:
  6. Nick M

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    Unfortunately I have a D-LINK also, a 624+ , latest revision with one antenna. I hate it. It took me forever to get the wireless working and it drops the signal altogether fairly often. Had to RMA it twice.