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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Punkychan, Jul 30, 2003.

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    We always see questions and answers about PSU wattage in this forum.Of course, the the bigger the better !
    I'm just curious what will happens if there is not enough power from the PSU ? Will we lose all datas ? or will the hardwares be gone ? or just straining the hardwares ?
    Why I'm asking is because one of my PC is running on:
    1.1 Celeron
    512 Mb ram
    AGP video card
    PCI video card
    2 Hard disks
    2 CD drives
    1 Sound Equalizer
    2 Extra LED fans but..but...(ehem..) running on a 145 watt power.At the moment is running fine and even though I have an extra PSU which is 400 watt (just in case), I know maybe one day it'll drop.But when I mean 'drop', does that means related to my questions above ? You guys can call me anything...I just want to know..Thanks
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    your 3.3v, 5v, or 12v volt voltages might be wandering. check the monitoring program that came with your motherboard or go into the bios and check their values. if any of them are off by 10% or more, definitely put in a new power supply as you're putting a strain on your components, thereby shortening their life. if any are off by 5% or more, i'd still consider a new power supply, but it's probably not necessary.
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    Your PC will start to crash unexpectedly usually. That or your psu will just overheat and die and perhaps take mobo, cpu or whatever else it feels like, with it. I would use the 400 watter, just the cpu and vid cards are 70watts or so...

    I wouldn't trust any motherboard voltage readouts, they can be off by a lot. The only way to really test your psu voltages is to use a multimeter.