PSP7 memory issues etc...

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Mubbers, Apr 26, 2003.

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    I'm using paitn shop pro 7 and rather annoyingly I keep having to close it down and relaunch just so I can ditch stuff from the clipboard that is using up memory.

    Basically after two or three cut and pastes the memory is full and it wont copy anything else - very annoying!

    How can I empty the clipboard without having to close the program? When you close it it asks you whether or not you want to keep the (large amount) of data on the clipboard.


    I modified an animation to make this:


    After saving some of the frames had been ghosted... why I know not?

    The original animation [attached] which I did not do!!! Is fine... in saving it etc.. some errors crept in. However when I delete the damaged frames the error is replecated in the next frames .. - bleh!

    Also seems impossible to save this file without the flippin optimizer destroying the quality...

    hopeless programme(r?) - help needed!!

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    Wow,thats some crap happenin to ya there,Mubbers!I wish I could help ya,but I haven't used PSP yet. :p
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    Long time ago that I used it. Isn't there a setting in the edit menu, empty clipboard and undo?