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Discussion in 'Console Gaming' started by mav88, Mar 25, 2007.

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    Hey folks,

    Now the PS3 is out in the UK i just want to ask a question. I wont be buying one straight away, i guess I may get one eventually depending on funds and games etc for the platform.

    Anyway, in my set up i would use a HDMI cable to connect the PS3 to the high def tv, now what i want to know is ... i would want to use an optical cable to connect the PS3 to our DVD (or my 6.1 amp) player which intern would give me 5.1 surround sound! Is this possible?? Im just wondering because of the crap about DRM and that i believe optical is not a secure connection so would i be able to do what iv suggested, or would I only get sound through the TV (HDMI conenction but stereo sound :dead: ).

    Its just a question thats been bugging me recently.

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    HDMI, carries the audio as long as the signal, If you have an HDMI capable receiver just hook tup thje cable to the reciever. Then you would eed another one to run from the receiver to the tv. if your tv has an audio out you can run the optical to the receiver from the tv

    Yes you can run audio to the reciver directly,, through the optical, DRM shouldn't be an issue.

    Of course this is Sony, so what they actually do might really be draconian in nature. You won';t know unitl you try it out.
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    Thx for the reply. Its just that the only thing i have with hdmi is the tv. The dvd player is currently linked up by scart and deoesnt have a hdmi connection, neither does my amp, so to get the surround id have to use optical etc

    hmm well i guess only time will tell, but it would be crap if i ended up only been able to have stereo from the tv coz of the hdmi issues!