PS2 network connect thru wireless laptop?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by peteRok, Mar 15, 2005.

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    Tried googling this but didn't come up with much.

    I'm thinking of getting a network adapter for my PS2 but a major sticking point is whehter I'll need to run a long arse cable from my router in the other room to the PS2.

    The alternative im thinking of is using my 'wireless connected laptop' as a switch so I can route my PS2 thru the 802.3 ethernet port and out the 802.11b wireless to the intarweb. Has anyone tried this before either with the PS2 or XBox Live? I'm a little weary of this because I've heard that running two network devices in the same computer doesn't work :dead:
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    two nics in one machine not a problem - dunno what you heard , but if you know what you are doing this is commonplace - people do it so that they can stay online while they invite a friend (or maybe even their lappie) to join in via another network connection - hell my mobo even has two! You should nto let a cable hold you up - it wil be superior to wifi also - up to you at the end of the day - just go for it - I have to file this post now before your avatar induces the latent epilepsy here.... :p