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Discussion in 'Console Gaming' started by yoda, Oct 18, 2002.

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    first you need to install a hardware inside your PS2 and then use gameshark CD to run copied games...using this scheme is not legal in the US unlike Australia.

    new hardwares dont require gameshark CD.
    with some games like MGS you cant back it up because the CD fits 800MB but DVD has a volume of 4GB.
    some games you can and others you cant.
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    The link I posted above doesn't require any hardware installation and doesn't require a Take2 or Gameshark.

    Thats why I wanted to know if I should go ahead and buy this because I don't want to buy something now and next week something better comes out.

    If I have a DVD game all I have to do is burn it to a DVD-R and I'm good to go no problem...
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    the price is delicious,but what makes you think that it's true?
    if they fool you then you can't get your money ain't going to courts yelling "been cheated by cheated CD to cheat PS2!"
    I prefer hardwares CDs can be scratched at any time.
  5. Hipster Doofus

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    Melbourne Australia
    Mod chips are legal in Australia..........the judge said we could.

    Three cheers for the judge..........hip hip..........O forget it.
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    Cd's may be scratched but no cd can get pass CloneCD sorry ;)
  7. Not sure it's worth going to court for that much money.
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    Well I'm not here to start a big debate on the negatives of having a boot disc over a mod-chip or any other combo.

    First off I don't want to open my PS2 and modify the motherboard in any way, what happens if I **** it up then I'm screwed and you would all just laugh at me. Besides I'm not going to pay a professional to open my PS2 even though they are so-called Pro's who says they never **** up?!

    Second off why would anyone buy a mod-chip you take chances of destroying the whole system and you need third party software on top of that. Gameshark or Take2 whatever that is.

    With a boot disc you only need the disc. If your worried about it getting scratched you're one of many people that don't deserve to own cd's. They're are things called Jewel cases and they've even revolutionized to the Slim Jewel Case. If your too lazzy to keep a cd in good condition then a Boot Disc isn't the best of options for you.

    Now that we've gotten past the positives and negatives can we have people that have seen a PS2 Boot Disc in action? If you've bought one say something - your voice needs heard.
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    " Not sure it's worth going to court for that much money. "

    Some people * cough * cough * Americans * cough will go to court and sue anyone for anything.

    ( which sucks by the way )
  10. yoda

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    Why would I be going to court if I bought this boot disc?

    If it happened to be a hoax- I'm not sure what I would do, probably sell a copy of it and make my money back.

    It takes money to make money...
    It takes money to sue somebody...
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    hahahaha, true !
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    hehe not a big decision

    i see this being done all the time, no one i have known has ever got hassled
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    hehe /me pats his modded ps2 :)
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    I might buy the Messiah chip, costs around £100, but I know a person who can get it cheaper!

    But what happens if that person ****s up my PS2 ?

    I saw this external one for PS2, fitted in the USB port !!!!! Might get that!
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    ive been told by lots of ppl that the external usb is ****ty, so i gues u could make your own judgement *edited* ive got a neo4 for ps2 supports versions 1-4 pm me if u want deal
  16. ZAnwar

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    Is the neo4 internal or external, and what can you do with it!
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    can some1 plz help me i lookin to buy a ps2 boot disc but i want to buy a boot disc tht doesnt require a mod chip or a swipt card or tht dodgy lid for the ps2 i just want 1 tht uses a disc and needs nofin else
    does any 1 kno 1 which does this
  18. Taggert_LOA

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    none that i know of.
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    Hey, I don't know wheter you have found your answer or not, but I am still looking for mine... This is the problem: I want to be able to play downloaded ps2 games on my ps2. Therefor I have visited many forums, but the answer still remains unknown.
    I do have some files: imgburn, dvddecryptor, utorrent, ans iso file of my copy game, swapmagic v3.6... Also I would like to do this, without modding the hardware of my ps2...
    What do I have to do with al this? Can you give me the right tutorial?
    Please help me out, this is frustrating, and
    answer at <email address removed by mod>
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