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    I have a LAN that is set up like the figure below, I have two IPs provided by my ISP, the first IP is assigned to PC1, and the other is assigned to the router for internet connection for PC2, PC3 and PC4. All PCs belong to the same workgroup but only PC2, PC3 and PC4 can "see" each other and PC1 is isolated. I have set the LAN in this manner because PC1 is used for VPN and I have not found a way to set the VPN behind the router.

    I am already contented with the present setup but I need PC1 to "see" PC2, PC3 and PC4 and vice firewall is off and no other firewall is installed so im discounting the idea of firewall....I am planning to install a 2nd network card on PC1, The first will be used for internet connection and VPN (direct connection to switch) and the second will be used for Local Area Networking (Connection behind router) will this idea work? if you have better idea or solution let me know.....internet is working fine for all and all I want to attain is for all the PCs to see each other........

    Thanks for any input.....

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    plug the modem into the router and the swith into the router.

    VPN should pass straight through the router.