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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by ssmike12, Oct 9, 2002.

  1. ssmike12

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    hi... recently got Project IGI...
    i have a few problems with the game and hoping u guys out there can help!

    when i play, there is no crosshair and in the menu there is no mouse cursor.

    i am running Windows XP Professional
    AMD XP 2 GHz
    60 GB HD
    DVD 16x
    Burner 40/24/10
    SB Live!
    64 MB GeForce 2 mx400
    512 DDR ram

    Please help.
    Do these errors occur if running under windows 98?

    thanks... please email me at:
  2. TheBlueRaja

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    I seem to remember having problem with the gun dissapearing and various other graphical flaws, but they were all related to the drivers i was using (i think?). Make sure youve got the latest Detanators from (a default answer if ever there was one).

    Other than that im not sure....
  3. ssmike12

    ssmike12 Guest

    thanks for the reply...
    yeah, i actaully do have the lastest detonators. but still the problem lies, it's a real bummer. Does this occur in windows 98 as well?
  4. Schmoe

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    Hey ssmike12
    Good luck, there are many many baus in IGI that they have chosen not to fix. I think its cause they cant, and are trying to promote and concentrate on IGI 2 instead. Its a realy pitty cause if they did all the bug-fixes, IGI would have been phenomanal.

    But if you get the above working, I hope you dont mind killing the same guards over and over, there are nasty re-spawn issues acctivated by triggers.
  5. ssmike12

    ssmike12 Guest

    cheers mate, thanks a lot for your input, i really do appreciate it.

    pls help if there is any 1 else who might be able 2.
  6. actually, WINXP is the problem here, cursors kept disappearing in games, so i had to keep minimizing the screen then restoring it, the problems eventually went awau when i installed the 30.31's (i think).

    try OLDER drivers, remember the game was made a while ago so older drivers were used during its development!
  7. ssmike12

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    oh ok, thanks, will try that... so if i install it on win 98 the problem should not pop up..
  8. pretty much!! there should be no problems with 98!

    however, changing back to older drivers helped me on XP!
  9. ssmike12

    ssmike12 Guest

    cheers, thanks again...