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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Rescueone, Feb 16, 2002.

  1. Rescueone

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    I know this has prob been asked before but can't see it anywhere, Can someone please tell me how I can put some order into my start-Programs menu as I should be able to put all the all programs like to do with the internet in one folder but can't find a way to do this like I could with windows ME, 2000. even Making a new folder in the programs dir is impossible.
    Thanks in Advance:D
  2. babis

    babis Guest

    I hope I understood you correctly try this:

    01. Click on start::run
    02. Type the following but note the changes
    C:\Documents and Settings\Master\Start Menu

    Drive you have your documets in
    Documents and Setting
    default place where winxp puts your docs
    (my own user.. in your case it's probably somethign else)

    Start Menu
    where your start menu programs are

    After you go there, basically you can create folders/change the icons of your programs/etc..
  3. Khayman

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    or just right click on the start button and select open or open all users. that goes straight to your start menu folder
  4. babis

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    Khayman good one... ;-)
  5. andy_rose

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    ok, one question: why doesent all the programs i have in start-all programs turn up when i go as explained above?it just shows 4-5 progs, and i have a lot more installed..
  6. Lukas

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    'coz the number of items listed in the start menu equals C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu + C:\Documents and Settings\your username\Start Menu

    The simpliest way to customize your start menu is just drag&drop on the start menu itself. If you are unable to do that for some dark reason, try exploring the "Documenst and settings" folder.

    My two cents
  7. Rescueone

    Rescueone Guest

    Thanks All that works a treat thought it must be something simple.;)