Programs in Office 2000 on WinXP closes on start??

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by chosebin, Oct 5, 2002.

  1. chosebin

    chosebin Guest

    First installation of Office 2000 Premium on XP. Not quite used to this OS (btw).

    The installation finished successfully. But, if I launch a program (excell, word, access...), without giving any reason (error code ou message) after two seconds, the program closes.
    Have anyone ever experienced this? What do I need to do to fix that?

    Many thanks in advance...
  2. ep0niks

    ep0niks Guest

    Office 2k

    Well I already experienced this problem with Office 2k when installing the Service Pack, when launching an Office apps the prog closes by itself. Anyways I cannot explains a way to fix your problem but if you have the resources change for Office XP Pro with SP2 it works fine with me :)
  3. chosebin

    chosebin Guest

    Thanks neighbour!
    I don't want to upgrade to Office XP yet, but will do eventually.