Program keeps booting up in start up?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by AaronMcarthur, Feb 27, 2003.

  1. Everytime i boot up my computer, down in the taskbar i get a icon that says "Music Search Online" and when i right click on it, i have the options "Quit and Menu" the menu is for registering something so i closed it, then when i go to IE, it has a toolbar installed for it and b4 it opens my homepage, i see at the top it show another website, something about "" and then it shows my homepage, like it passes throught another site b4 i goes to my homepage.....i searched the registry for "tjgo" and "music search online" and found some of their files and deleted them, then i restarted but it still comes up when my computer boots up.....those files are in my start up.......what about ZoneAlarm or going into run and typing "msconfig"????
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    look in msconfig for startup

    zone alarm wont do anything about this ..

    look in the IE tools internet options and check your homepage and maybe try to reset that ...
  3. I can't seem to find it in msconfig.
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    Look for the process running in the task manager... it shouldn't be too hard to find if it's there. If you find it, search for that in the registry, or in msconfig, or even search your hard drive. There may be a folder under program files, or maybe an executable in a different folder that you could find by doing a search. You did check Add/Remove didn't you? Just making sure.
  5. Yeah I checked all that but it's not there, someone in a chat room said it was spyware so I got a program to un-install it, but it never worked.
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    I would agree that it is spyware. I'll check around for some info and get back to you later if you haven't figured it out.
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    Here is a prog that will tell you everything that is ran at starup and allow you to disable them or delete them from start up ..
  8. Alrite I finnaly got it fixed, appreciate the help everyone.