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    hi to all
    Can a program called "Process Lasso" overclock a CPU.. because i have just noticed the CPU was overclocked slightly so i changed the settings back to normal using the F6. I can't see the people changing things in the bios unless it was their son who i think loaded on the program above..

    I have learned another lesson as I didn't even think of checking the bios settings because the people don't really know to much about computers as they are older.

    i don't know about you but any program which says the word "Optimization" in its info i tend to stay away from. :)

    i have a desktop computer to repair because it was locking up so i have done the following.

    1: a 4hr ram test with Memtest86 which said all OK..

    2: changed the CD-RW as the other one was quite old.

    3: changed the power supply to a new 400w one.

    4: I'm going to do a motherboard check/burn-in with SiSoft Sandra or a program like that i think i have somwhere..

    Can anybody recommend one to check computer hardware as i think SS is quite old now.

    haven't been here in a while as i was ill, all OK now i hope :)

    thanks in advance.