Product Review - Epson Stylus C86 Printer

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    Information here

    (sorry for the UK site, but the US site is totally down for me)

    This is epson's high end printer for general use, but I find it a very capable photo printer as well and is the same as the photo edition just without the 6 in 1 card reader. I paid $77 for it at Office Depot (about $10 more than what is available online, but I get instant gratification :D ).

    The printer is pretty quiet even when printing high resolution photos and does a very good job at getting near photo quality on plain paper. (I haven't yet tried to do a high res photo on photo paper yet.)

    The 2 big things that I like about this printer is that it uses USB 2.0 or Parallel cable (not included), and it has individual ink tanks (black, red, yellow, blue). The ink cartridges are not that expensive (black is $33 for the high capactity for 800-1100 pages, and the individual colors at $12 ea).

    The software that comes with the printer looks pretty good, I choose not to install it as I have other photo tools but it looks decent for those without photoshop or other photo editing tools.

    Overall I give it 4/5 stars.

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    Yer it's a nice printer, my dad has the c64 version i think. Nice review.