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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Madtripper, May 12, 2002.

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    Recently I have noticed my cpu usage stays around 95% all the time. It seems in my processes, the system is using all of that also. I run an athlon 900 oced to 1033 on an Abit Kr7a 133raid board. I have 256 of Kingston ddr but the system is barely touching any of that. I have tried shutting down all the programs that run on startup but it still stays at 95%. If anyone has any ideas, let me know.

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    What process is using that? The only thing that should be using that much is the system idle process.
  3. Madtripper

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    I have both a system and a system idle process. The idle process stays around 0 to 12 whereas the system process is a constant 87 to 95. The system idle process shouldn't even use that much.
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    Something in the background is killing your CPU Cycles. Check your startup list and disable everything that isn't necessary (e.g. Microsoft Office is useless to have at the startup and it just eats mad resources).

    Goto and download Ad-Ware. You could have some type of adware in the background also (e.g. Kazaa is very popular for these type of Adwares).

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    Ok, sorry to be such a bum but I can't seem to remember how to access my startup programs to edit them. Thanks again for the help.
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    I picked up both programs you two mentioned and am running ad-ware now. It found 67 components when it scanned so I'm dumping them. Not sure it that is it yet. I also ran through the faster/safer guide on the site again. Checked my ports and they were good also. May just end up formatting but I've been running xp pretty solid since November and am happy with its stability.

    I did notice that if I start another program, say Windows Media Player, the system drops the amount necassary to startup and run that program but when I close it back out, system hogs the usage again.

    Well, ad ware just finished.
  8. Madtripper

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    Well, thanks to both of you again. I got it back down to its normal 3 to 7% after running startup control panel by Mike Lin. The ad ware helped out also.