Problems with XP!! Plz Help!!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by AthlonXP, Dec 14, 2001.

  1. AthlonXP

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    First problem i have is, everytime i boot XP it loads really quick till i get into windows where it loads everything in the system tray. Everything loads except for my network, it takes another say 2 minutes for it to show the conected to LAN screens in the tray, and it won't do anything else as far as opening things in windows till this is loaded. My next problem is Windows XP of both of my comps crashes ALOT and i get messages about missing files in system32 and so on, i end up having to reinstall everything to correct the problems, now i know there is nothing wrong with my comps cause they are both brand new, one is a HP and one i built. I personally think they shoulda given an option at startup that if it crashes you could do stuff in DOS or have a system restore option in the boot menu. I can't even get into safe mode when it crashes cause it shows the same error message as it would when i try to go in on normal mode. Ummmm... also, my icons keep getting screwed up though i'm not changing them. too many bugs and issues with it. Anyone know how to email MS with problems and issues, like an email addy i can send to?
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    look around for their email for tech support. also has a very good knowledge base for troubleshooting. you might want to check that out.

    as for the network loading slow, there have been threads in this forum about that. Check around.

    I don't know about your bugs and issues and crashes though. My XP has never crashed before, so sorry...
  3. Metonic

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    Just choose repair-mode. Pick the earliest data you made a backup. Copy your important files to your other disk or burn it on cd-rw.
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    Well... i've had to format about 8 times since installing it on this machine, even a new install had problems with the network loading all slow and then after being on here a while it will eventually crash.
  5. Lonman

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    Have you loaded XP on the problem machine with the barest of essentionals and then started adding your devices? It sounds like you may have some compatibilty issues going on.

    If you list your system specs with a description of the problem, then someone may be able to identify the problem device and tell you how they fixed it, or that fixing it isn't possible.

    We have some VERY clever network specialists too. Post your slow network connection in that forum.