Problems with my new burner... HELP!

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by cryptnix, Jul 2, 2002.

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    TDK 32/10/40B...

    I am not quite sure if this is a driver problem or a hardware problem, but, my question is why would my CDRW disappear? I mean sometimes I open my drive and my hard drive light stays on and then my machine locks up for a few secs. I looked in the event viewer and it says it literally disappeared! Why? I have a Soyo Dragon Plus and I have done a windows update and there isn't any new drivers for the CDRW yet.

    Should I contact TDK with this issue? Should I just yell and throw it out the window? What! I haven't a clue whats going on. Help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Does it come back or stay gone? :confused:
  3. cryptnix

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    It comes back....
  4. cryptnix

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    I contacted TDK...

    I contacted TDK and they said that It was a Registery issue....

    Has anyone else had this problem?