Problems with Mcafee Internet Security

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by lechtard, Oct 26, 2003.

  1. lechtard

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    O.k .. I have this whole thing installed and like it a lot - There are some probs with it and I was wondering if anyone else had them as well ..
    • When I reboot it resets all the icons on the desktop back to default names and pics.

    • It kills the Right click on links while surfing.
    other than the two probs listed this prog is great .. Does anyone else have this prob and how can I fix it ??

    Thanx for the info ...
  2. Leevoy

    Leevoy Guest

    I use aquarium theme from M$ Plus!.

    I have noticed that upon reboot icons such as the brown treasure chest and the my computer and network places icon also disappear.

    I don't have McAfee firewall, have only noticed this in last 4 days happening.

    Could be an update from M$.

    Do you use McAfee plus?
    My Norton subscription is coming to an end so was going to try McAfee, which is free with A.O.L.

    I will reboot in a sec as I just reset aquarium theme, maybe it's the new nVidia drivers I installed.

    GL with finding a solution.
  3. Leevoy

    Leevoy Guest

    Rebooted and I guess it must be new nVidia drivers for graphics card. It didn't do that before I installed new drivers, so maybe that could be a problem.
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