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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by mattike, Jun 6, 2002.

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    I've been running XP Pro for a week now. My first install was over Win 2000, but I encountered several problems, so I wiped the drive and started clean. That fixed all of the problems except this most irritating one:

    Seemingly without reason, IE will not follow some links. They can be XML links, HTML links, whatever. And it's only some links, not all. Some XML, HTML, VBscript, etc. links work just fine. And I'm not talking about links that may just be coded wrong, because there on big-name high traffic sites, and work fine with IE on Win 98 machines. When the link refuses to work, the IE window frame will flash inactive and then active again (like another window is opening and stealing focus), but then nothing happens. It's like I never clicked on anything to begin with.

    I'm building a website right now, so of course this is frustrating. Anybody have any clues?

    Thanks in advance!

    P.S. - I'm running behind a NAT firewall, but so are the other Win 98 machines that follow the links just fine.
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    If you are designing a website i assume that you will be designing it so it works on all browsers???

    the biggest and best advice for any IE problem is to change browsers. As you are developing a website you should already have a copy of the big 5 browsers at which point this IE bug is not a major problem for you.

    But perhaps you can try disabling the windows firewall if u haven't done so already seeing as you already have a NAT Firewall.

    Mozilla 1.0 just came out so i recommend u get that if u haven't done the nice thing and designed ur webby to work for all browsers
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    Thanks for your reply, mbunny. I checked to see if I had Microsoft's firewall running, but I don't. So that didn't help. And I am designing for all browsers; that's why this problem is so perplexing. Opera and Mozilla work fine, as does IE on other machines. I'm not really worried about the other people accessing the site, as it seems that I'm the only one with this problem. More than anything, it just drives me nuts. This problem also affects Outlook Express, keeping me from opening any links embedded in email.

    Slowly losing my mind......


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    it could be your Browser, check what Browser Version you 98 Machines are using then check 2k machines, then tell me ok
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    O.k., here's the info on the browsers:

    The problem browser is IE 6.0.2600
    The Win 98 browser that works is version 5.50.4522.1800

    I never had this problem in Win2000, but I also don't have Win2000 installed anywhere accessible, so I can't give you the version number on that.

    Mozilla 1.0 works, as does Opera 6.03, Build 1107.

    Thanks for your responses.