Problems with games on XP

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by maltje, Jan 8, 2002.

  1. maltje

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    To give an example,when I play The sims,after a few moves with the mouse,the sreen is locked I can't do anything but the music is playing on.After a few secs. my computer starts again.Is it my video card?It is a cougar maxi gamer.No problem did occurs with win 98 or Me only in XP.I changed the compatibility,but same problem,I even closed my internet during this time ,but nope....?????
  2. icerabbit007

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    did you have the latest videocarddrivers installed?
  3. maltje

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    I think so,but do you know where I find it for sure
  4. icerabbit007

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    I think your card is a tnt2 m64 model. Did you try the latest detonator from nvidia (23.11)?
  5. XRiptorX

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    I've had a similar problem, its most likely your sound card. Try updating sound card drivers
  6. phazed_4u

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    yeh i guess, being a recent operating system, we've gotta hang for the glitches in drivers to be ironed out... although, i must say, with xp they are somewhat minor in comparison to previous versions...
  7. mainline

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    is it possible that a lot of people using xp aren't really aware of what their operating system is doing while it runs? this is not at all meant to be desultory, i have only learned of many new things today myself. try logging on as administrator and see what you can shut. you may be 'closing your internet' but your dns and dhcp clients are always running in the background, as are a great many other things. Best way to decide what you want to keep and get rid of is to go to control panel > administrative tools > services. Basically this enatails a lot of time as sometimes you really have to research the importance of something, the cursory explanations ms provided aren't really meant for more than sample information about each service. If you're in a hurry the best thing to do i imagine (i haven't tried it) is set every service currently started to manual, then stop everything the os will let you, and sometimes it asks tough questions. and that's that for now. reboot and use the computer for a coupla days or so and then go back to your services list and see which of the ones you set to manual are running and which are not, if any.
  8. icerabbit007

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    update your vidcarddriver. shutdows progs in msconfig and then see what happens.:confused:
  9. maltje

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    I put xp and Me on my PC
    The games I play with Windows Me
    no problem
    Just a question:Can't you get any problems with 2 os on 1 computer.Aren't they conflicting one and other?
  10. existenz

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    Nah, I don't think so.

    There might be something with the file systems cuz FAT32 can't read NTFS...but I am not sure, cause I haven't tried dual-booting...
  11. guinness

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    Same problem here as maltje. System is AMD 1400 with 512MB DDR on ASUS A7M266. The preinstalled XP Home consistently identify's NV4_DISP.DLL as the culprit during the Blue Screen of Death. I have tried several different driver releases for the preinstalled GeForce II MX400 (w/ TV-out) including 28.32 and what I think was the last MS signed driver, 21.83. Is there a patch from EA/Maxis or Microsoft that I might try looking for? While I type, I'm downloading the latest NVidia release, 29.42 but I am wary. If anyone might suggest a solution, I'd be more than grateful! Thanks!