Problems with Fx 5200

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by mattyp, Jun 19, 2003.

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    Well i tried coolbits and I used it for awhile. only OC'd like 5 mhz core/mem. Well now when I play BattleField 1942(Desert Combat) The damn mouse won't move! It works fine in Unreal Tourn.?! I heard somewhere that when u update drivers sometimes you have problems with the mouse? I just downloaded the Detonator drivers. I'm clueless! Also what is the software called that you use to track the vid card temp?
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    which 5200 do you have? the regular or the ultra ?

    some card makers incl programs that track your video cards temp...

    the 5200 is using old memory... not bga memory which is likely to overclock better... as is.. if you are overclocking.. expect to face possible issues in some games... perhaps you can invest in ram sinks to cool your ram further...

    the default clocks of the ultra are 325/650 mhz and the regular 250/400mhz... also the low end 250/400mhz version has 2 version as well... a 64bit and a 128bit version... the 64bit being the lowest low end gf FX...

    some manufacturers may use memory that is ONLY rated @ these speeds... therefore going higher may cause problems... remember also that the drivers for the gf FX series enable a 'smart' feature that downclock the card if it feels it is getting too hot... this would imply that you should be able to see the temps in teh control panel of the video card... on second thought :)

    try to just play w/o oc's and see if there are problems.. if there are it is not the card... or perhaps not the card alone... but perhaps also the driver issues with bf1942..