Problems with compressed folder

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Pinklovz21, Oct 19, 2007.

  1. Pinklovz21

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    Hello I am new, but I already have a question.

    I have a corrupt compressed folder. That has about 20-30 word files in it. What am I supposed to do???

    Thank You!!!
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    First, putting something like this
    into your post when no one knows you here yet will not make people more likely to help you, but in general will have the opposite reaction to your desired effect.

    Second: In order to really help you, it may be helpful to include more info - like what error messages you are getting if any, a more detailed description of the problem you are having (ie: how do you know it's corrupt?)

    I'm assuming you are using some version of a windows OS and by compressed folder you are talking about the NTFS based compression on a folder/file and not a 3rd party compression utility like zip/rar/etc..
  3. Pinklovz21

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    Ok sorry about the A.S.A.P thing, but it is really important.
    Anyways here is what it says every time I double click on it, to open it.
    "The compressed (zipped) folder is invalid or corrupt.

    What am I supposed to do???
  4. kite0607

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    i hav the same problem!! can someone plz tell me how to fix my compressed folder??