Problems Palit GF4 Ti4200

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by dimo, Sep 23, 2002.

  1. dimo

    dimo Guest

    I have problem with installing a Palit Daytona GForce4 Ti4200 128MB in my PC.
    PC frizes and blue scrin and displays:
    Problem with "nv_disp.dll
    The divice driver got stack in an infinate loop.
    Technical info:
    ****STOP: OXOOOOOOEA (OX81536930; OX811D2A30; OXOOOOOOO1)
    I tryed all Nvidia drivers as: 29.32 ; 30.82 and detonator 40.41 as will as omega10.42b
    Problem still persist.
    Please HELP!!!!!!!!!!!
    My system:
    Windows XP Professional
    Gigabyte 7VRXP, 265MB PC2700 DDR, 80GB HDD 7200RPM ATA100
    Processor AMD AtlonXP1800+
    Creative Sound Blaster Live 5.1
    LG 795FTPlus Monitor
    Lite_ON DVD, Lite_On CD-RW 40-12-48
  2. RobbieSan

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    boot into safe mode and make sure you remove all video drivers.. reboot and let Windows load up a driver.. if it gets that far you should be able to install a new driver set..
  3. dimo

    dimo Guest

    After rigorous research I found that my mobo is responsible for all of my problems. Therefore I am going to return my mobo to gigabyte and ask for rev 2.0\

    All gigabyte ga7 vrxp and vrx rev 1.0 owners should call gigabyte if they have (or think they have a )
    power regulation issue. rev 1.0 boards are being replaced with rev 1.1 under warranty. some rev 1.1 also have agp power regulation issues. if you've browsed this forum, and tried some of the stuff, and feel your board is bad, return it! return it! return it!

    I will respond back when I receive my mobo back