Problem with Yahoo messenger 5.5

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Raju, Aug 23, 2002.

  1. Raju

    Raju Guest

    I recently updated to 5.5 yahoo messenger and is not working on Windows XP. the same version is working in office.
    Does anyone know the fix or kind enough to provide me link to previous version of yahoo?

    If you have previous verison of yahoo, it will be in

    C:\program files\yahoo\installs\ymsgrie.exe

    Thanks a lot!
  2. manokent63

    manokent63 OSNN Junior Addict

    I had the same problem. Did you install whilst your older version of messenger was running. Even though it tells you to close it before download commences I think the fact that it is running may cause a problem. When I downloaded the thing kept crashing and was not stable at all. I Uninstalled and reinstalled again without messenger having been running and it works fine now on XP. I see the messenger upgrade page now only has 5.5 available so if a re-install does not work, get back to me on this thread as I have the previous version still on CD somewhere.
  3. Mremana

    Mremana Guest

    (im running windows xp pro got a pentium yadda yadda)

    i have run into the same problem but the weird thing about it is when i installed yahoo messenger it ran perfect, the next day i shut it down and started my computer up... a pop up window says that yahoo has encountered a problem and must shut down. now here is the strange part if i just slide the window to the side the program is running perfect everything works the web cam all the messenging etc... i don't understand what this problem was and why it pops up when ever i start but doesn't effect anything

    if anybody has run into this or has figured it out let me know cause i am lost!!!!?!!
  4. longhorn1687

    longhorn1687 Guest

    I had the same problem and I just gave up on the thing. I switched to the infamous trillian, it doesn't have all the "cute" little features that the original yahoo messenger has but its does do AOL, MSN, ICQ, IRC and YAHOO all at the same time so I really can't complain!

    Find trillian here
  5. Mremana

    Mremana Guest

    the only reason i bothered to upgrade the stupid thing was because of the high speed web cam feature (which nobody has)

    how may people get this thing to run without crashing im wondering if its just me or yahoo made a faulty program
  6. longhorn1687

    longhorn1687 Guest

    You can go into their chat rooms and activate your camera that way. I've also heard that yahoo 5 likes the new Java 1.4 better than the older version you may want to try upgrading that also if you havent already.
  7. dung

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    i cannot install yahoo messenger. How to work it?
  8. cream_elite

    cream_elite OSNN One Post Wonder

    If anyone can tell me how I can intall yahoo messenger on a windows XP or another good instant messenger i could use, I would appreciate it.
  9. American Zombie

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    XP comes with Windows Messenger.
  10. Mainframeguy

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    London, UK
    Just use another client with the same protocol is what I would do too... only my preference is for Miranda rather than Trillian.... and it supports Yahoo protocol fine although I think that one requires a plug in (MSN, AIM, Jabber, and ICQ are native I believe).

    I actually do have the Yahoo messenger also, but never had a problem with it and only use it rarely - preferring Miranda. If you are worried about your contacts don't be - these are drawn from their web/addie book storage so remain with you wherever you message from...
  11. madmatt

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